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With Carbanio as your procurement partner, you can now recast your procurement processes and manpower.

Simple 3 step process





Genuine Suppliers

Sellers are approved after verification so that you don’t have to vet them every time you buy Chemicals.

More Options

You can do away with the limited number of vendors you have and can now choose from all sellers on our platform. Also, you can locate suppliers near to home so as to avoid higher logistics costs.


Carbanio takes responsibility for getting the shipment to your doorstep. Logistics are taken care of within your country and even across borders.

Zero Effort

Procure even the rarest of chemicals with near-zero effort.


Knowledge of prices and shipping costs is a click away.

Optimum Pricing

Chemicals’ prices are not standardized. A platform of sellers across the globe that helps the markets have optimum pricing.

Few Clicks

Buy chemicals at any time with a few clicks.


You can approve the shipment for quality and quantity in 72 hours to release payment to the seller.

From Anywhere

Procure from across the globe.

Secured Payment

Carbanio uses an advanced payment gateway to ensure secured payments.


ORDER SUMMARY: - When the Buyer makes the payment towards the products in, both Buyer and Merchant will receive Order Summary from Carbanio via email. This document will have the Buyer’s details and using Order Summary, the Merchant shall release the shipment to Carbanio’s logistics team.

BUYER'S TAX INVOICE FROM SELLER: - BUYER'S TAX INVOICE is the traditional Invoice which is issued by the Company to the Buyer when the product is purchased. Merchant prepare's this invoice and keeps it inside the package.

BUYER'S TAX INVOICE FROM CARBANIO: - This Invoice shall be sent to the Buyer which will have logistics charges and Carbanio’s Service Fee/Charge against the product purchased in Carbanio.